Naturally coloured diamonds are a marvel of nature, sometimes showcasing bright shades of pinks and blues, and others reflecting the natural beauty of the land they were pulled from.

Argyle Australian Diamonds were earthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine during its production years of 1983 – 2020. Located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, the mine owned by Rio Tinto proved to be a spectacular display of how a uniquely diverse landscape can produce diamonds in the same vein.

Murray Rayner, a geologist who worked in the Rio Tinto Diamonds team for 20 years, illuminates the rarity of coloured diamonds:

“It’s hard enough to find a diamond deposit – but to get a treasure trove of pink, red, blue, violet, champagne and cognac diamonds, that’s really something else[.]”

Murray Rayner, principal geogolist at rio tinto

Diamonds in Shades of Cognac are a particularly breathtaking thing to behold, capturing the subtle warmth of the Australian landscape beautifully.

Dreamtime Australian Diamonds considers it our mission to highlight the natural beauty of these Diamonds in Shades of Cognac, creating designs that compliment the natural warmth of these precious stones and reflect the unique beauty of the Australian landscape.

Below is a list of our current favourite pieces, all featuring Argyle Australian Diamonds in Shades of Cognac:


Named sister rings for their similar design and 0.75ct Total Diamond Weight, Kirra and Yindi are two designs that exude the warmth of the Kimberley landscape in Western Australia. 9ct rose gold and yellow gold combine to create stunningly earthy pieces perfect for daily wear or special occasions.



Ember Hoops

Ember is as warm as an Australian sunset over rusty sands. With a combination of lights and deeper Shades of Cognac, the Argyle Australian Diamonds in these hoops are guaranteed to dazzle in the light wherever you wear them. Like Kirra and Yindi, these 9ct rose gold hoops fit perfectly in place as occasion and everyday wear.



Tri-tone is the new style, and Indie wears it beautifully. With 0.25ct of gorgeous Shades of Cognac Diamonds set in 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold and sterling silver, the Indie Bracelet embraces the versatility of Dreamtime Diamond designs to showcase an alternate aesthetic. Cool silver and warm gold intertwine together as the afternoon sun does a spot of Spring shade. This one is perfect for a milestone gift or self-indulgent treat.



Daisy is a warm take on a classic floral design, her dainty golden petals sprinkled with lighter and darker Shades of Cognac Argyle Australian Diamonds. Like flowers sprouting from the sidewalk on a hot Spring day, the Daisy Necklace nestles into her place as centre stage for every outfit. Ideal for a memorable birthday or anniversary gift.


No matter your personal taste in jewellery, the enveloping warmth of Argyle Australian Diamonds in Shades of Cognac are undeniably and beautifully Australian in their uniquely different settings.