Life can get tough sometimes, and it can be hard to tell yourself why you shouldn’t spoil yourself with jewellery – especially when you keep walking past that sterling silver necklace which just seems to sparkle a little more each day

So here are some reasons why you should indulge instead, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so.

Five reasons to treat yourself 


There’s a few different ways to tell it’s time to spoil yourself, and one of them is that you’re wondering if you should. However, if you’re looking for a couple more reasons to do so, just keep reading.

1. Motivation
Having the right motivation to keep you pushing forward can’t be underestimated. Extra hours at work don’t seem so bad when you know that at the other end a piece of jewellery is waiting for you. When enthusiasm wanes, imagining what colour of semi-precious stone you want for your necklace will reignite it.
If you have a goal that you are striving towards but can’t seem to make any headway on it, knowing that there is a reward at the other end can be a great way to get the final amount of traction needed.

2. Celebration
Acknowledging and celebrating your achievements is an important way to build your self-confidence. And what better way to do this than to buy yourself something that will remind you of your success each time you wear it? If you’ve just won that hard-earned promotion, you might just deserve a beautiful bracelet to celebrate.
It doesn’t have to be only for the big wins, though. Sometimes treating yourself for the smaller successes, the ones that might slip under the radar otherwise, is important as well. Or you might treat yourself for achieving a personal goal that no one else is aware of.
Whatever it might be, if it matters to you do not let it pass by unrecognised. Treat yourself to something special, and be proud of yourself.


3. Memories
How many people, when asked about a certain piece of jewellery, can tell you a story attached to it? Necklaces gathered from different countries they’ve travelled to, engagement rings carrying the memory of that romantic moment when their partner asked them to marry them … It’s rare that a piece won’t have some tale behind it.Jewellery is a way to convey emotions and experiences, encapsulating them in something that can be worn every day.
So if something memorable occurs in your life, when better to treat yourself to a piece that will always remind you of it? For example, If you had an incredible weekend away with your partner travelling to the 12 Apostles, finding something that is embedded with that feeling is priceless. A pair of earrings uniquely designed to reflect Australia’s rich and one-of-a-kind scenery is a treat that you’ll regret not giving yourself.

4. When you’re going to wear it a lot
Sometimes a reason to treat yourself can be as simple as finding something you’d wear constantly. If you are going to get a lot of use out of a piece of jewellery, spoiling yourself is entirely justifiable. In fact, you could almost consider it an investment – after all having a piece that you can use to dress up any outfit is incredibly handy.

5. When you need a pick-me-up
Occasionally life can get you down. When you are feeling off for no good reason, maybe it’s time to think about spoiling yourself. Sometimes a bad mood can be caused by feeling overlooked, and under appreciated. The best way to negate this is by not overlooking yourself.


Why treating yourself is important
Treating yourself is a way of showing that you deserve a little care and attention. It’s a way to acknowledge that life isn’t always easy, but that there are things to look forward to.
Taking a bit of time out every now and then to give yourself something you want can help reduce any stress you’ve been experiencing. The mood boost that comes along with getting something you want can be rejuvenating, and can help to raise you out of a slump.
By investing in yourself, you grow your self-regard. Make your treats a way to remember all the good things you’ve achieved recently, or the tough time you’ve managed to survive.
It can also create motivation, and restock your self-control. Asking more of yourself is easier to do when you know you get more in return. If all you do is work harder and harder with no reward, there is nothing to entice you to continue doing so.
Treating yourself is not something to feel guilty over. There’s a wide range of reasons to do so, so why wait? Take the first step in investing in yourself, and pop into your local jewellers to find that perfect treat.