Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or you just want to spoil her, jewellery is almost always a good gift for your wife.

The mission of finding something she loves can be tough, though. With this in mind, we’ve created a man’s guide to buying jewellery. Next time you undertake to surprise your better half with a present, she’ll be blown away by how well you’ve chosen.

Why jewellery? The reason behind the mission
When looking for something special to give your wife, why should you consider jewellery? The right piece can have a lot to say, communicating the love and affection you bear for your spouse.
Sentimental value
A classic gift doesn’t mean boring, or thoughtless. There’s a reason jewellery is such a go-to for friends and partners alike. The emotional value that gets attached to it is priceless. Why you picked the piece out, what it signifies, and the memories she associates it all add value to this present. For example, something you buy for her while on a trip together will always remind her of the days spent exploring together, and the enjoyment that getaway brought. Or, if you’ve picked something out because it reminds you of your wife, it will always represent something you love about her. Being able to wear something like that brings happiness, and builds confidence and love.
If you choose something that she loves, it shows the attention you pay her. It’s a quiet reminder that you care about what makes her happy, and how, even when she may not be aware of it, you still take note of her preferences. That touch of romance will be with her every time she wears the jewellery you bought her, and she won’t forget it. Who can say no to a success that just keeps giving?
Plus we’ll let you in on a little secret … It may seem like just an adornment to you, but quality pieces are also considered as investments. There’s a reason so many heists involve jewellery.


How to secure the right piece
The last piece of jewellery you may have bought your wife may have been her engagement ring, and the wedding bands that followed. Don’t let being out of practice discourage you – it’s time to brush up on your skills.
You will have to do some reconnaissance if you really want to blow her away and find something she loves. Consider this time as an investment – once you have the information you need, you can use it again and again as the years go by. 

Scout out the style of jewellery she likes
When the coast is clear, examine her jewellery box, and then watch what pieces she wears most often from it. You’ll find out what she loves, and can start gathering some basic intelligence on what you need to be looking for.Does she love bold jewellery? Is it on trend, or is it something that’s timeless?
Simple and elegant, retro, or glitzy, there’s no end to the variety of jewellery out there. But once you know hers, you can eliminate the rest.
Take note of the colour of her jewellery as well. Does she wear semi-precious jewels of certain colours? Most importantly, note whether the metal she wears is gold, rose gold, or silver. If the answer is all of them, you can choose any of the precious metals. However, if she sticks to one, don’t deviate from it. She will often wear that colour because it matches her skin tone.
If you are buying a ring, take one that she doesn’t wear often to a jeweller to get the size. For necklaces, check whether she wears a fine or chunky chain, and what length she prefers. Success is in the details, so gather as many as you can.


Bring in reinforcements
If you are still struggling to work out what to get her, don’t shy away from asking for help. Talk to people you trust to keep the mission a secret, and use them as a source of information. Send them in undercover if you need to, to get specific details. 

Hone your observational skills
When out shopping with her, give her time to stop and window shop. Observe what she lingers over, and anything she points out to you. Getting her inside the shop without arousing suspicion might be harder, but try using excuses such as looking at a new watch, or cufflinks if they are something you would wear. This will give her time to browse further. 

The next step
When you have a strong idea of what to get her, it’s time to visit a jeweller.
Invest in quality as it will last and the difference will begin to show quickly. If considering jewels, such as rubies or diamonds, you will need to consider things like the four C’s, of which cut and carat weight tend to be the most important. Also look at the source. Buying Australian diamonds can add another special touch. Refer to the experience of the jeweller if you find yourself out of your depth.
You don’t have to get her anything extravagant either. Sometimes day-to-day staples can be perfect, and just what she needs for her collection. Think simple pearl earrings, or a bracelet that can go with any outfit. As long as it suits her style, basics allow her to enjoy your gift every day.


Have a backup plan
As much as you have prepared for this choice, back yourself up by keeping the receipt. There’s always a chance, with jewellery being so personal, that you’ve chosen something that’s not perfect for her. Knowing you are willing to have your gift returned just to make sure that she gets something she loves, is a gesture not to be underestimated.
And who knows? The same jeweller might be there when you return with your wife, and they’ll be able to tell her about all the time and effort you’ve invested.
Finding unique, crafted jewellery that matches your wife’s personality may seem like a challenge, but with this guide you’ll be able to navigate the tricky terrain with ease. Amaze your wife with something perfect, and show her how much you adore her.