There are many reasons why you might wish to get someone a gift unique to Australia.

Whether travelling to visit a close friend, or wanting to get your partner something that you know will mean a lot to them, there’s a wide range of options available out there for you to choose from.

However, while souvenirs may overflow from every shop you pass, for something that truly holds meaning and gives more than just fleeting enjoyment you can’t look past unique Australian jewellery.

What is uniquely Australian jewellery?

Here at Dreamtime, we believe that unique Australian jewellery should draw on the essence of our country. Designs should imbue the myths and legends that created the vibrant and rich culture alive in Australia today, and bring to your mind the landscape and beauty found here.

Another aspect that creates uniquely Australian jewellery is the use of gems mined from its earth, such as opals and diamonds. What carries the feel of Australia better than something that was formed beneath its very surface?

For example, in the remote East Kimberly region in Western Australia, diamonds rest deep underground. One of the world’s most stunning and precious natural resources, the Argyle Diamond Mine carefully extracts these beautiful stones which are rich in both colour and quality. Here, under earth that’s seen millions of years of history and has given birth to legends and myths, you can even find the very rare pink diamond.

These diamonds have seen the whole of Australia’s history, and are natural and untreated. Each one is tracked from the moment they’re removed from the ground, so you know for certain you’re buying Australian stones.

Jewellery that combines Australia’s culture and materials into something unique is unmistakable. Beautiful, full of character, and evoking memories of the landscapes and people that populate the country, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Why is jewellery the most uniquely Australian gift?

There’s a long history behind jewellery, with some of the earliest dated pieces found harking back to prehistoric times. Influenced by the materials available, as well as customs and needs of the age, jewellery design has long been a reflection of the people creating it.

Australian jewellery pulls on the country’s rich history in a way that many different souvenirs and products aren’t able to. Incorporating the very myths and legends of the country into its design, and often using materials from the earth itself, it’s a unique representation of Australia.

Giving someone a gift that Australia has been creating for millions of years is truly special.

Reasons why jewellery is a perfect gift

Jewellery is a traditional gift for a reason. Not only is it a beautiful present that lasts a lifetime, worn again and again, the right piece also shows how much you know the person you’re giving it to. Whether picked out as a Christmas gift, a celebration present, or something special for a birthday, jewellery is suitable no matter the situation.

When chosen carefully, jewellery carries emotional weight as well. If you’ve just been on an amazing trip with someone, finding a piece that will remind them, and you, of it each time it’s worn is priceless.

And if the person you are buying for has particular tastes? Don’t discount a gift card.

Choosing one for somewhere that focuses on unique Australian jewellery shows the thought you’ve put into the present, while also demonstrating that you want them to have something they absolutely adore. With freedom to browse the range of products, they can find a piece that truly reminds them of Australia and the memories they’ve shared with you there.

Australia is a unique and captivating country. When you’re looking for something that represents this, don’t settle for the same old souvenirs that everyone buys. Instead, choose something that stands out and will last the test of time, evoking memories of the country whenever it’s worn. After all, what holds the essence of the country more than jewellery that actually contains it?