Since prehistoric times, we have decorated ourselves with jewellery.

Remnants of adornments created from shells, stone, and bones still exist as proof. It has been an integral form of expression for individualism and status for tens of thousands of years, and with the world population in the billions, this need is stronger than ever. So when indulging, how do you choose what to buy? And what are the benefits of adding unique, designed jewellery to your collection?

Why choose unique jewellery?

With such a wide range out there when it comes to jewellery it can be hard to make a decision. The benefits of adding something unique and different to your collection might just make the choice easier.


Sometimes, purchasing something unique can come with a higher price tag, but the difference in quality shines through. Made with higher grade materials, and crafted from beginning to end, designer jewellery draws the eye and lasts the test of time. With upkeep, these pieces will look as good years down the track as the day you indulged in them.

Dress up an outfit

There’s something about adding a necklace or a pair of earrings to an outfit, and watching it come together. One of the benefits of unique jewellery is how it can change a whole look – it’s no longer just a finishing touch, it’s the adornment that polishes it off. Wearing crafted, high-quality jewellery can elevate your mood, and make you feel more elegant and in control. Long ingrained in our history, it’s not surprising that something seemingly so small can have such a powerful effect on our psyche.

Stand out

Another benefit to choosing designer jewellery is knowing you don’t have to fear bumping into someone else wearing the exact same piece. Especially when crafted with one-of-a-kind materials, this type of jewellery is generally released in limited collections, allowing you to be set apart by choosing it.

Jewellery design means a high level of attention on detail, and it focuses on telling a story. These pieces do not fade into the background, but draw attention and conversation, like good artwork. Also like good artwork, what you have chosen reveals elements about yourself, distinguishing you from the crowd.


Inheriting jewellery is a tradition many families follow. Though most often wedding rings or engagement rings, heirlooms do not have to be limited to these items. Any jewellery that is set apart in quality and character can become something to be handed down through the generations, collecting memories along the way.

Beautiful, unique pieces are perfect for this. Indulging in them can mean adding something special to not just your collection, but your children’s and grandchildren’s as well.

As discussed above, jewellery is a way to express individualism, and is a perfect way to portray your personality. Knowing how to find pieces that tell the right story is important.

Matching jewellery to the character.

With jewellery of every style out there, a multitude of character variations can be shown. Some overarching themes exist however, and these can create guidelines for where to start looking for the perfect adornments to suit you.

If you are the life of the party, enjoy social outings, are generally bubbly and larger than life, it’s likely that bold, eye-catching jewellery will call to you. Happy to stand out and own who you are to the world means looking for items that match that confidence. Extravagant rings with semi-precious stones and splashes of colour will draw people to you, along with your personality.

Finding yourself more at home in nature than large groups may mean that something that speaks of the land is more your style.

When small gatherings of friends and meaningful conversations create your idea of a perfect Friday evening, then try something simple with an artistic twist. It may speak volumes to you, and the subtleness will only add to your poise.

Whimsical musings may find you caught up in the changing colours of opals, watching how they shift and glow depending on the light. If you breeze through life, enjoying daydreaming and never letting anything keep you down for long, look for jewellery that you can add to and change up, like charm bracelets. Keep an eye out for soft colours with a touch of sparkle as well.

Or you may be more classically minded. For you, timeless pieces like pearl earrings, or a diamond necklace, represent your strong, rooted ideals. There’s a reason they’ve been around so long – still able to be unique, fine jewellery will always be in fashion.

In the end, one of the most important things to remember is to go with your gut feeling. Jewellery is personal, and not always logical. One option may make more sense, but in the long run it is the piece that you love that you will get the most use out of, and mean more to you.


Building a style

Finding that one piece that reflects who you can have a ripple effect. It gives you an anchor on what to base further choices, and allows you to create a collection that complements itself. This can spill out into the rest of your wardrobe.

Figuring out what style represents you best means always feeling confident and at home with what you are wearing, presenting the world with the best version of you. One unique piece, carefully chosen, can have a lasting impact.

Adding unique Australian jewellery to your collection

A lot of our character is formed, or influenced, by our surroundings. So what better way to show who you are, than by adding an element of the country that helped shape you? Australia has a long, deep history, imbued with stories and legends, that can add a captivating texture to the design.

Finding a unique piece of Australian jewellery allows you to carry your home with you, no matter where you travel. Choosing something with Australian diamonds means having something forged over millions of years by the myths of the land.

Deciding to indulge in unique, crafted jewellery will only benefit your collection, and you. Give yourself the confidence and enjoyment of something that encapsulates your personality, and stand out from the crowd.