Mums are the people we just can’t imagine our lives without.

Luckily, the one day of the year that we can spoil them without worrying about being too sappy is approaching.

Why jewellery is the perfect pick?

There’s a reason why jewellery has been present throughout human history. It’s the perfect gift for the people you love – something beautiful that makes them feel treasured each time they wear it. When it comes to your mum, jewellery gives you the chance to make them feel as warm and loved as you’ve always felt, thanks to them.

Jewellery is also a great gift for someone who already has everything. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to find some unique and unusual knick knack that your mum doesn’t already own. However, even if you do find one, there’s no promises that your mum will like it, and it may just end up creating clutter. Jewellery, on the other hand, has a unique quality to it that makes it special. Each piece is precious in its own right.

Plus, with such a wide variety to choose from, there’s always something new that you can buy someone. Not only do you have the different types of jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings, you also have various designs, precious metals and gem types to pick from.
Another benefit to choosing the perfect piece for her is that it’s a gift that lasts. Unlike flowers, or a meal, which are both once off items, jewellery is a present your mum gets to enjoy time and again.


Choose something perfect for every occasion

Does your mum have something that she can wear everyday, no matter the occasion? Picking out a piece of jewellery that she can put on each day means that every morning when she does she’ll be reminded of how much her children appreciate and love her.

If she already has jewellery for the everyday, why not find something that’ll make her shine on special occasions? For example, a unique Australian-designed pendant will make her stand out in a crowd, the one-of-a-kind piece as one-of-a-kind as she is.

Personalise your 2019 mother’s day gift

When people say that ‘it’s the thought that matters’, this is what they mean. While your mum might appreciate receiving a piece of jewellery, she’ll love being gifted something that so clearly is personalised to who she is. To help you pick out something truly special, consider these things:

What precious metal type does she generally wear? Generally, most people have a preference between silver, rose gold or gold jewellery. If your mum only ever wears silver jewellery, you don’t want to buy her something that’s yellow gold. Instead, find a piece made out of sterling silver or white gold. Or, if you’d like to choose something a bit more daring, consider jewellery that mixes different metals and is multi-toned.

Does she have a favourite colour or gem? Adding a touch of sparkle to the piece of jewellery you want to give your mum is rarely a bad idea. For something special, consider earrings made with Australian diamonds – not only will you get the shine but the Argyle mine is known for producing diamonds with a beautiful touch of colour to their depths.

What’s her jewellery style? Think about what pieces she loves and wears the most. Is it chunky and bold? Or is it more delicate and artistic? Any details that you can discover about her favourite jewellery will help you pick out something that she’ll immediately fall in love with. It will also show her that you understand who she is and what she likes.

Do you know her jewellery sizes? Making sure your mum can begin wearing her mother’s day present instantly is the cherry on top, as well as showing her how much time and effort you’ve put in to ensure that she gets something that’s personalised to her. This doesn’t just hold for ring or bracelet size – if you’re getting her a necklace consider the length of the chain. If your mum loves wearing long necklaces, you don’t want to get her something short.

How can you relate it to your relationship? Remember, Mother’s Day is about celebrating the bond you have with your mum. Consider how you can choose something that represents this close relationship. For example, is there somewhere that you’ve travelled together that means something special to both of you? Picking out jewellery that represents that location could remind her of the time you spent together there. Another option is choosing a symbolic image, such as a tree pendant, to represent your family and the roots that hold you together. 


Custom-designed jewellery

Take your 2019 Mother’s Day gift to the next level by indulging your mum with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Make this extra special by designing it together! Not only does she get a piece of unique Australian jewellery, but you get to share in the experience to create something she’ll treasure forever.

Make this mother’s day special for both of you. If you need help finding your mum the perfect pick, head down to your local jewellers for advice. Or take a look online to see how Dreamtime Diamonds can help you make your mum shine!